PNPTC Fishing Regulations

In accordance with their co-management responsibilities as outlined in U.S. v. Washington, Tribes are required to issue a regulation prior to the opening of a fishery. These regulations outline the specifics of a fishery, including the time, place and species to be harvested, and are sent to other affected tribes and agencies. Regulations filed by the Point No Point Treaty Council are listed by species. * note you may need to refresh/reload your (browser) page to get current regulations.
List of all Regulations Archives  &  2014 Regulations Archives
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to 9-2-14

PNPTC Shellfish Annual Regulation
Clam & Oyster Commercial Horse Clam
Urchin Crab Geoduck Red Rock Crab
Octopus Squid Cucumber Shrimp  
PNPTC Finfish Annual Regulation
Sockeye Pink NewChum Bottom Fish  
Halibut Herring Troll  
Chinook Coho Steelhead  
Jamestown & Port Gamble S'Klallam Regulations
JSK F14-002 Marine Mammals
2014 Annual PGST Coho Reg.pdf
Jamestown Bull Elk Wildlife Regulation 8-12-14 to 6-14-15
2013-14 Annual Port Gamble Geoduck Regulation S13-01
PGST C&S Salmon-Steelhead F14-001
PGST Sub Rec Game-Food Fish F13-005
PGST #S13-24 On Reservation Intertidal Bivalve Regulation
JST Sub Shrimp JST13-S01
JSK F14-001 Annual Subsistence Salmon and Steelhead
Downloadable Files:
Jamestown Lost Gear Form               Jamestown Statement
Subsistence Fishery      The dates in red are the open periods.
S14-002 Clam & Oyster Subsistence 1-01-14 to 12-31-14
S14-059 Subsistence Clam and Oyster Mod 1-01-14 to 12-31-14
F14-005 Halibut Subsistence 3-11-14 to 12-31-14
Commercial Fishery Finfish
F13-054 76B Elwha River Closed Fishing Moratorium
F14-027 12A Coho HH 8-21-14 to 10-11-14
F14-035 12A Coho BS 8-31-14 to 10-11-14
F14-038 82F COMM COHO 9-1-14 to 10-15-14
F14-043 6D Coho 9-21-14 to 11-8-14
F14-044 Coho 12-12B BS 9-16-14 to 10-18-14
F14-047 4B-5-6C Coho 9-14-14 to 10-11-14
F14-050 Coho 12-12B 9-21-14 to 10-18-14
F14-051 12A Coho GN Closed 7pm 9-23-14
Commercial Fishery Shellfish
S14-078 Rgn 3 Non-Spot Shrimp Mod 7-29-14 to 10-15-14
S14-097 Region 3 Spot 23AS-23D CLOSED 8-31-14
Clam & Oyster
S14-113 OYSTER 10-9-14 to 10-10-14
S14-114 Duckabush Clam 10-10-14 to 10-11-14
S14-024 Strait Tanner Crab Subsistence Open 6-1-14 to 3-31-15
S14-044 Strait Crab 3-3 6-3-14 to 9-30-14
S14-052 San Juan 4.6 Crab Open  7-02-14 to 4-15-15
S14-057 HC Crab Sub PG 6-23-14 to 2-28-15
S14-058 HC Crab Sub JST 6-23-14 to 2-28-15
S14-060 Strait Crab Subsistence Open 6-25-14 to 3-31-15
S14-067 2W Crab Subsistence Open 7-10-14 to 3-31-15
S14-115 San Juan Crab Open 10-1-14 to 10-10-14
S14-116 Strait Crab 3-1 10-1-14 to 3-3-15
S14-098 4.6 Cucumber Open 8-31-14 to 10-2-14
S14-047 HC Geoduck Open-PG 06-09-14 to 09-30-14
S14-048 HC Geoduck Open-JT 06-09-14 to 09-30-14
S14-081 CSnd Geoduck PG JT 7-29-14 to 3-31-15
S14-103 Strait Urchin Open 9-5-14 to 8-31-15
S14-104 San Juan Urchin Open  9-5-14 to 8-31-15